Prepare the site

Laying 365 lawn directly onto an existing lawn or topsoil is not recommended. The soil holds too much water and is unstable when wet which leads to sinkage and puddles. Remove existing turf and top soil until you reach a more solid surface (subsoil) normally between 50 – 100mm. A mechanical turf cutter can usually be hired to facilitate this or for smaller areas a spade is sufficient. With topsoil removed, compact the area using a vibration or “wacker” plate, (also available from tool hire shops). Lay a geotextile fabric across the area to separate the sub base from mixing into the soil.

Fix edge

To secure the edge of the 365 lawn, screw 60 or 100 x 25mm tanalised wood to suitable stakes driven into the ground around the perimeter. When fitting up to solid surfaces such as path or patio, the edge should sit approx 15mm below the height of the paving. An alternative to wood is KLP recycled polymer planks, it is a little more expensive but it will never rot and is easily formed to create curves without splitting. We can provide this or give you details for a local agent.

Sub base

If the depth is no more than 60mm and the ground is firm then it is feasible to use only sharp sand, otherwise we recommend a two layer sub base. First spread a layer of type 1 sub base evenly over the whole area up to two thirds of the total depth (we can supply this or go to a local builders’ merchants.) then compact it using the vibrating plate. Next, spread sharp sand up to the finished height and compact well. (A long flat piece of wood is ideal to screed the sand level with the perimeter edge.)

The Maximum width of the seam is 2mm.

Apply the right amount of adhesive.

Roll out the seam tape.

Press the artificial grass onto the adhesive.

Laying and joining

Single piece

Cover the area with a second layer of Geotextile. ( Optional, this makes it easier to drag the 365 lawn if it is a large piece.) Roll out the 365lawn across the prepared area and position the longest edge, smooth out any lumps working from the centre outwards and secure with clout nails into the edge baton. ( Part the fibres between two seams of stitching and nail down.) Trim any excess with a sharp knife or strong scissors.

Multiple pieces

For larger areas where joins are required roll out the 365 as above, then roll out the next piece of 365 lawn beside the previous one making sure the pile is laying in the same direction (Fig, A). Adjust the second piece so that it has a uniform gap along the length of the two pieces of no more than 2mm. It is important not to overlap the pieces. Smooth out any lumps from each section and adjust as necessary.

Peel back both sections along the joint and lay the correct length of seaming tape between them. ( Fig. B ) Spread glue onto the tape along the whole length that you will need to seam making sure it is evenly applied with an adhesive comb. The quantity of the adhesive is determined by the teeth of the adhesive comb and should be 3 mm thick and 15 to 20 cm wide see ( Fig. C )

Carefully fold back the two sides of 365 lawn and press the grass on to the adhesive by hand making sure that it contacts well along the length, lightly rolling afterwards guarantees good adhesion (figure D). Repeat the process for each join. If possible leave for 12 hours for the glue to set. Finally secure the 365 lawn to the edge and trim any excess.

Leave the 365 lawn for 24 hours before walking on it and then use a stiff brush to bring up the pile. In very cold weather or in frost conditions you may experience small undulations across the lawn, these usually disappear once the sun has warmed the grass. Now lie back and enjoy the feeling of never having to cut the grass again for 365 days a year.



















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