If you are unsure about any aspect of the grass itself, installation or even how much tape and adhesive you might need then please do not hesitate to call us on 01670 712194

How Much Grass do I need?

You just need to calculate the total square meters of the lawn, an easy and approximate way to do this is by pacing out the length and width of the lawn area, just count how many good paces these measurements are and then multiply to get the square metres you will need.

How long will it last?
Difficult to give precise time scales as different people have different usage but bear in mind that commercial 5 a side pitches budget for a lifespan of 10 years where the grass is used heavily all through the year. The textiles used in 365lawn are the same and it is unlikely that any family activity even with a house full of children will get close to that use.

Will it fade?
Because the grass is made by a leading European manufacturer they are confident to give a 10 year UV stability guarantee, unlike some cheaper products.

How do I look after it?
No special care is required, if it is dirty, hose it down, if it is covered in leaves, sweep them up. If required you can use a blower or vacuum but you can leave it alone…. 365 days a year.

Can animals damage it?
Dogs don’t tend to damage the surface, in fact one of the biggest reasons for fitting 365lawn is because dogs, particularly female dogs, often destroy traditional lawns within weeks of laying. 365lawn is great, just remove dirt and hose if required, urine will pass through and rain will wash clean. Cats tend not to care and they will enjoy the warmth of the surface. 

How do I lay it?
A basic installation guide is available here. This is how we install so that we can guarantee the product but we have customers that have used 365lawn over concrete, slippery decking and even over existing lawns. The important thing is that it is on firm ground and properly secured. Please ring if you need advice for specific problems.

How Much Tape & Adhesive do I need?
The tape you will need is purely down to how long the joints are, If you are joining two 8 metre pieces together then you will need 8 linear metres of tape. The glue in the cartridges will do around 3 linear metres so you really just need to think about how you are going to lay out the grass, please call us on 01670 712194 if you are unsure or would like some free advice

What happens to the rain?
Rain water will drain through 365lawn but if you have an existing drainage problem then this should be addressed. Unlike real grass, 365lawn will survive wet conditions but you will get maximum benefit from your 365lawn if it is well drained as you will discover that it dries quickly, won’t stay soggy and even in winter there is no mud!

Can I drive over it?
Yes and NO! We do not recommend driving over 365lawn but this is because of the steering forces rather than the weight of the vehicle. Even if the foundation is strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle the twisting force generated by the tyres is huge and it would result in fibres or even the backing tearing out. If you want a lawn that you can park on, we have other products that will enable this. Please enquire.


















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