January 2012

Northumberland goes Green
Patio and Paving Centre in Cramlington, Northumberland has become the Sole Distributor for 365 Lawn. James Armstrong, Director of the company that he started in 2008 said, “We looked long and hard at products that were available to stock at the Patio and Paving Centre and our choices were determined by quality and service, the two principals of our business. There are a huge number of manufacturers for artificial grass but half the products we researched were just not realistic of a British lawn. A large number were from the far east and came with no guarantees of safe manufacture or back up. Of the few remaining we found 365Lawn to be the best in terms of realism, feel, delivery and support. There are three options available and the price is competitive. Quite simply it gave us everything we wanted in a landscape product. I think it was a good choice as sales have been great and feed back is excellent”

December 2011 -

365 Lawn is Greener Grass.
365 Lawn is greener in more ways than one. It’s three tone fibres make it one of the most realistic products on the market and it will look good all year round with virtually no maintenance so no yellowing or watering in the hot summer months but that’s not all. It can be shown that it is good for the environment too. Did you know that the volatile organic compounds released by cut grass react in the atmosphere to increase ground level ozone.
A study at Monash University in Australia concluded:

Emissions of VOCs from grasses, including cut grass, may contribute significantly to urban air pollution. The biological mechanisms driving these emissions are partially understood. The few measurements available indicate that these emissions may be of the order of one fifth to one third of the VOC emissions in an urban airshed averaged over a year and the growing season, respectively. Since the photochemical reactivities of the VOC emissions from grass mowing are high, there is a need to reliably quantify these emissions if urban inventories and smog forecasts are to be accurate.

Detailed information is not yet available on the carbon emissions caused by motorized lawn mowing but it is easy to understand that such a high maintenance area such as a grass lawn is increasing carbon emissions significantly. So now you can do your bit to save the environment and save yourself a lot of time.

November 2011

Student housing avoids cuts
Metnor construction have chosen 365 Lawn as the preferred choice to install at the new Newcastle University student accommodation in the city centre. Their concerns were two fold, the centre quadrangle was shaded by the 7 storey building on all sides and if the grass did grow, then cutting the grass was going to be a costly expense. Now the students have a superb recreational space that is virtually maintenance free. The 365 lawn is so realistic that a number of students have not even realised that it is artificial.



















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