Astroturf, synthetic, fake grass, plastic grass, artificial grass, what ever you call it there was a time when artificial grass was just that…. Artificial. It looked artificial, it felt artificial and it was, quite frankly a bit naff! OK for football pitches but I wouldn’t want it in the garden.

Well wake up and smell the roses because all that has changed.
With the current 3rd generation “non infill” grass you can have a perfect lawn 365 days a year without breaking sweat. Think of those hot summer days spent sunbathing with a cool glass and the Sunday papers, while your neighbour struggles again with his lawn mower.

In todays busy world we have so little time for the family, why spend it mowing, cutting, edging, raking, feeding, weeding, watering, and clearing grass cuttings?

But don’t worry, 365 lawn is so realistic, only you will know the truth.

What about the environment?
Grass takes CO2 out of the air and puts back Oxygen…. Sadly that is a misconception.
It only does that by photosynthesis, when the sun shines. The rest of the time it actually releases little of any benefit and when it is cut it releases VOC’s which actually increase ozone. Add to that the power

According to botanists (plant scientists), the smell of cut grass is caused by gases emitted from each injured blade. Chopped grass releases a long list of volatile organic compounds, including methane (swamp gas), acetone (as in nail-polish remover), ethanol (grain alcohol) and acetaldehyde, a chemical similar to the toxic preservative formaldehyde. Plants produce the volatile compounds within seconds of being cut.
Botanists are still studying why wounded plants give off a burst of volatile organic compounds. One reason, they suspect, is that the chemicals have an anti-microbial action, protecting the cut part from invasion by microbes already teeming on the leaf surface.

Some scientists suggest thinking of cut grass as a kind of chemical polluter. Volatile organic compounds from wounded grass react with nitrogen oxides in the air, helping to form more ozone near the ground (where we don't want it). And grass sheared off and left drying on the lawn releases even more volatile organic compounds -- up to 10 times as much as the cut grass still rooted in the ground. So mowing the nation's lawns may be a significant source of air pollution, scientists say -- even trumping the pollution belched out by petrol powered mowers.
Journal Sentinel Inc.

As Diarmuid Gavin told the BBC news this year at Chelsea. “My garden does not have a lawn this year as they are so unfriendly to the environment.”

365 lawn is the Premier Grass on the domestic market today, if you want quality and value.



















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